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This trailer is so smooth and light pulling that I couldn’t even tell it was hitched to my RV.  I had my wife go to the back of our RV a number of times to see if everything was OK.

Larry B

The first day we had 40-45 mph head and cross winds with gust over 55 mph. The trailer pulled with no problem, didn’t even know it was there. I was amazed at how effortless it pulled in those winds. We could not be more pleased, my wife tends to worry about things and never once gave the trailer a thought. The trailer never tried to change lanes when the cross winds would gust.

James B.
October 8, 2018

Easy to load, easy to tie and super easy to tow! Besides using my trailer to haul my trike, its very handy for other uses and being able to lower it for loading and unloading is a huge plus.

Minnie C.

Loading/unloading is a breeze with no extra ramps. I love my Ultimate Trailer! I use it to haul my Can-Am Spyder to events and vacation locations that are physically too far for my 76-year-old body to take in one day. That said, the trailer tows like a dream behind my Grand Cherokee and loading/unloading is a breeze with no extra ramps or other paraphernalia needed. When it initially exhibited a couple of problems TUT was quick to get them resolved and has been very proactive in insuring my satisfaction. I highly recommend the trailer for anyone who wants quick and easy loading and unloading with the advantage of a smooth air-suspension ride while towing. I have towed it in torrential rain and in 100+ degree heat. Outstanding choice!

Thomas G.
From Google reviews on July 10th, 2019

There is no better trailer on the market at this price. BTW, we LOVE our trailer. We’ve had it for approximately 10 years. And when people comment or ask about it; they better have an hour or so free time. It blows people away when I flip the lever and, pshsssss. Down it goes. Thanks again.

Michael C.
From Facebook on June 19th, 2019

Has made loading and trailering my Slingshot a lot easier. I bought a trailer for my Polaris Slingshot from Ultimate Trailer. The trailer is performing as advertised and has made loading and trailering my Slingshot a lot easier. When I first received my trailer I had a minor problem and it was resolved immediately. Thanks for the great service!

Michael H.
From google reviews on July 12th, 2019