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Our custom build process

Our open hauling trailers are manufactured in Arvada, Colorado, a suburb of Denver.

Buy it once –

We aim for quality that lasts a lifetime.

We know that trailers are a significant investment, so we strive to build them like we’d want – strong and lasting – not something you will trade off every so many years.

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No compromises –

Skilled craftsmen build our trailers every step of the way.

  • Product designs are thoroughly tested and manufactured in-house
  • Precision drilling accuracy calibrated to the nearest 5 ten-thousandth of an inch translates into as near to a perfect fit between components as technology allows.

Highly Recommended –

Customers are usually the toughest critics. We’ve passed the ultimate test.

Because we follow this manufacturing policy, our customers are now our best sales force. We promise to keep up the good work, if you keep buying our trailers.

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