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Trailers for touring bikes, sports trikes, Can-Am Spyders and Polaris Slingshots.

What TUT Customers Are Saying …


I'm 71 and can load and unload it in just a few minutes without any help from anyone.“ — Johnny

… the trailer + bike load cost me less than 2 MPG loss in gas mileage and the rock shield kept the bikes completely free of debris.” — James C.

“… well over 25K miles of freeway to mountain towing, as well as ocean, sand a saltperforms beautifully and my Hyundai Santa Fe … barely felt it was there.” — Roz


“… allows me to now haul either my Commander or my Spyder … incredibly easy to load … tie down system is fantastic.” — Harlan A.

” … amazing how easy it was to pull … it was hard to tell that we had a trailer behind us.” — Bob S.

The ease of loading and unloading {my Harley Davidson Ultra Classic} is unbelievable … drove 3,800 miles … only lost 1.5 mpg pulling my 900-pound bike, which is incredible.” — Larry B.



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We make trailers for one bike, two bikes, three bikes, sport trikes, Spyders, Slingshots … you name it, our trailers can haul it.

Whether you’re looking for an open trailer or something fully-enclosed, you’ve come to the right place. Feel free to click thru the photos.



The Ultimate Trailers sells wide-bed, air-suspension - or as we call them, air-ride - motorcycle trailers for touring bikes, Can-Am Spyder, Polaris Slingshots and all kinds of motorcycle trikes. 


Our chief designer Jim Kuzara has been riding motorcycles most of his life and came up with the idea for a trailer that has an easy ride-on bed, one that lowers to the ground, after watching people struggle the way people in this video are struggling. 
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Jim is an inventor and thought it was crazy that people had to risk damaging their motorcycles and harming themselves just to get their motorcycles on trailers so they could go enjoy riding their motorcycles and sports vehicles thru a national park, up in the mountains, out in the open country or at a bike rally. 

Whether you ride a Harley Davidson (or other touring bike) or a Spyder or Slingshot or trike, we’ve got a trailer that you can safely and easily load in a matter of minutes … BY YOURSELF (imagine that!). 

In fewer than 10 minutes, even 5 minutes once you get the hang of it, you can have your motorcycle or sports toy loaded on your trailer and be on your way to your next adventure destination. 

Please spend some time looking thru our site. We believe we’ve built the best motorcycle trailer on the market. And, we double down on that statement for your “more experienced” (yes, I mean older) riders. 

Why spend your time battling to get your bike or sports vehicle on your trailer, and risk getting hurt, when you have this option available to you. We don’t think it makes sense and, once you see the trailers we’ve built for you, we think you’ll agree. The Ultimate Trailers truly are the safest, easiest-to-load trailers you can buy.