our trailers pay for themselves

We can talk about the quality of our trailers all day, but we also know that money matters.

I have been riding bikes all my life. I’ve owned many different bikes & trailered them all over the country, using all kinds of trailers. 

One thing I heard people talking about over and over is how current trailer designs made it necessary to recruit several people to safely load a bike onto a trailer. So many riders I know have dropped their bikes while loading a trailer — damaging their bikes and often hurting themselves.

As an inventor, I came up with the idea of modifying traditional trailers to make them lower to the ground for easy one-person, ride-on loading & unloading. I was after a solution that would increase safety and simplicity.

Achieving that vision meant adding 2 specially-designed swing arms and our proprietary Air-Ride suspension system, which comprises 2 air springs, an air compressor & an automatic ride-height control sensor. This unique system is what allows the trailer bed to lower to the ground for loading and unloading, then return to the perfect ride height for towing (see photos below). We also designed in a custom-molded aerodynamic rock shield & fenders.

Those modifications added around $1,500 to our manufacturing costs but they were indispensable in creating a trailer that delivered better safety, greater fuel-efficiency and a beautiful ride. Finally, we could now offer motorcycle and sport vehicle owners a rugged, sturdy trailer that held up over time (making for better resale value) and didn’t bounce and joggle all over the road, compromising safety and putting unnecessary wear and tear on their tow vehicles!


With this new design, we were certain of two things. One, people would love our new trailers. And, two, the higher purchase price of our was going to raise some eyebrows and even cause some people to not even consider our trailers.

We considered a lot of options and decided we were going to accept the challenges that come with providing a premium product. Some people are just never going to get past the sticker price … that’s just how it is. But … for buyers with a big-picture, long-term perspective, we knew we’d be more than competitive because we could easily show that our trailers had a lower overall cost of ownership — i.e., our “more expensive” trailers would actually save customers money.

So, let’s now have a look at which trailer is really more expensive …

Open Trailer Cost of Ownership

It is important to look at the overall cost of ownership rather than just the purchase price of various trailers you are looking at purchasing.  The following gives you a guideline when determining your overall cost of ownership.

One big thing, in considering total cost of ownership, is resale value. Because our trailers are so sturdy and rugged, and designed to protect the trailer from road debris, TUT trailers hold their value better over time.

The other big expense to consider is the impact on fuel economy. Because of our aerodynamic design, combined with the benefits of our Air-Ride suspension system and relatively light weight, fuel economy is significantly better. In fact our customers tell us their miles per gallon typically stay within 3 mpg of the mileage their tow vehicle gets when the trailer is not connected!

We know some of you will travel more than 4,500 miles/yr, and gas prices will probably climb back up over $3/gallon before too long, but we want you to see that - even using conservative estimates - our trailers can easily be less expensive to own than the initial investment might lead you to believe.


** COST OF OWNERSHIP — 10 YEARS @ 4,500 mi/yr **

hauling with TUT Trailer ===> 45K mi @ 18mpg @ $3/gal = $7,500
hauling with Traditional Heavy Trailer ===> 45K mi @ 15mpg @ $3/gal = $9,000


TUT Aerodynamic TRAILER

Initial investment ……….. $4,700
Resale after 10 years …… $4,000
Depreciation ……………. $700
Fuel Cost (30K mi) ……... $7,500

TOTAL COST .………... $8,200*

* TUT trailers can be folded for convenient storage in your garage. That can save you an add’l $5K to $10K over 10 years vs. paid storage!



Initial investment ……….. $2,500
Resale after 10 years …… $1,250
Depreciation ……………. $1,250
Fuel Cost (30K mi) ……... $9,000

TOTAL COST ….……... $10,250*

* If your trailer needs to be stored in a paid storage facility, that can add $5K to $10K to the total ownership cost of a traditional trailer.


So, when you take a closer (and more realistic) long-term look, it’s clear that the TUT trailer delivers a significantly better overall value.