Why TUT Trailers ARE

Our Trailers are designed specifically to overcome shortcomings of traditional trailers

Anyone can design a trailer to haul a motorcycle or other powersport toys.  There are many choices on the market to select from, however if you have been out there looking at what is available you will soon see that our trailers incorporate quite a number of design features that cannot be found in any other trailers on the market.

The reason for this is that our trailers are designed by lifelong motorcycle riders who understand the Features & Benefits that are important in their designs to make your hauling experience a lot more enjoyable over the years.  So let’s take a brief look at these features designed into our trailers.

Loading & Unloading Your Toys

The most dangerous operation you will encounter with loading & unloading your motorcycles is the risk of dropping them while attempting to go up or down a loading ramp.  What happens is that as soon as your bike front tire starts to go up a ramp, your feet leave the ground and you enter a very unstable condition.  You are afraid to go fast, which would minimize this lack of stability, so you go slow.  Backing off a trailer with a loading ramp is even scarier as backing up with your feet off of the trailer deck is even scarier.  Over the years I have had customers relay to me many stories of falling while loading or unloading their bikes while using other trailers.  Just to relate one of these stories, I had a customer call & say he wanted to order a trailer to haul his Gold Wing.  I asked if he wanted to know the price first.  He said, “I don’t care! I dropped my Gold Wing while loading it on my trailer. It cost me several thousand dollars to repair it, and I am lucky I didn’t break a leg. I will never use it again.”  He gave me his credit card and ordered his trailer while we were still on the call.

Our proprietary Air Lowering System automatically lowers the rear of our trailer to the ground with the flip of a switch for “Easy one person ride on loading.” And it is just as easy to unload your bike.

Automatic Adjusting Air Ride System

Our Proprietary Air Ride System brings another great benefit to our customers, not offered on other trailers.  It operates off of an Air Ride Sensor built into the Air Ride Suspension System.  What this does is automatically bring the trailer bed up to the same perfect ride height, where the trailer bed is 12” from the ground giving you 10” of grounds clearance.  What this does is allow the on board air compressor to refill the air ride system when it is lifting the trailer back up to ride height to put the appropriate amount of air pressure into the Air Springs to raise it to this exact height.  

So what happens is that if you are just raising the trailer it put say 60 lbs. of air pressure in the Air Spring to bring it to the perfect ride height.  If you carry a 1,000 lbs. load it will put 80 lbs. of air pressure in the Air Springs, if you carry a 2,000 lbs. load it will put 100 lbs. of air pressure into the Air Springs. The result of this automatic system is that it matches the suspension rate of the trailer and whatever you are carrying, resulting in a trailer that does not bounce going down the road.

You may ask why this is important?  All other trailers use a fixed rate suspension which is set at the maximum load you can haul on the trailer.  Any time you have these trailers loaded below this load limit, which will be most of the time, the suspension rate is way too stiff and your trailer will go bouncing down the road behind your tow vehicle.  What this does is place a jogging load on the transmission of your tow vehicle, which over many miles can cause problems with your vehicle transmission, especially the automatic overdrive.  This jogging motion also contributes to reducing the fuel mileage of your tow vehicle.  This in combination with the lack of good aerodynamic design as covered in the first attachment decreases your tow vehicle fuel mileage even more while pulling these trailers.


Read our customer testimonials and you’ll understand how impressive and important the actual towing experience is to TUT trailer owners. No trailers on the market can boast about the quality of owner’s towing experience the way we can. That’s because every TUT trailer is built with:

  • 2 air springs

  • 1 air compressor

  • 3 air lines & fittings

  • 1 ride-height sensor

  • 1 lowering/raising controls

  • 2 independent swing arms

  • 2 shock absorbers

  • 2 wiring harnesses

LOWER Cost of Ownership

In addition to the above advantages, consider the resale value of your trailer when you go to sell it someday.  I get calls all the time from prospective customer calling to see if we have any used trailers, the answer is always the same NO!

I could easily sell hundreds of them, but never have any.  I have talked with hundreds of our customers over the years who have reached an age where they can’t ride their bikes anymore asking about the best way to sell their trailers.  I always say the same thing, Craigslist.  

They also usually ask what they should sell them for, so I pass along what other customers have told me they sold their used trailer for.  From my many discussions with our trailer owners they get close to what they paid for them when they were new.  The reason for this is that every year our costs to manufacture our trailer prices go up with steel and everything else going up in price.

CLICK HERE to see a full Cost of Ownership breakdown.

I know customers who purchased one of our trailers 15 years ago and sold it for this same amount as they purchased it for, because they hold their value, only depreciating at about the same as the inflation rate.  This is one more thing to consider when purchasing a trailer to haul your toys, as other trailers tend to lose considerable value over time.