We would like you to read the unique combination of features and benefits that our product line of Powersports Hauling Trailers bring to our customers, not offered by any other trailer on the market.  Then we would like you to read through a few of attached testimonials from our customers, we have hundreds of them, which confirm first hand what we have said about our trailers below.

Expanded Product Line:

We have been working for the past several years expanding our product line and upgrading the design of all of our products to gain manufacturing efficiencies, improved performance plus being able to now offer models that can carry just about any size of Powersports toy.

Product Flexibility:

We now offer three models of Open Hauling Trailers, varying by length, width and towing capacity, so you only invest in exactly what it is you need – no more, no less.  This broad model choice allows our customers to select the just right model to suit their specific hauling needs.

Ease of Loading:

All of our hauling trailers in corporate our “Air Lowering Technology”.  Just the flip of a switch and your trailer magically lowers it rear to the ground for what we call “One Person Ride on Loading”.  There are no ramps required like other trailers, which are scary to navigate and thus there is no peak at the top of the ramp to potentially high center your bike or trike on. 

Many of today’s modern Powersports toys have a very low ground clearance to improve their handling on the highway and high center at the peak of other trailers loading ramps.  Once you have loaded your bike you simply flip the switch back and the trailer magically returns to its ride height.

Smooth Pulling:

Our trailers also incorporate “Automatic Leveling Air Ride Suspension”.  This air ride system automatically returns the trailer to the same ride height, adjusting the air pressure in the air ride suspension such that the suspension rate matches the weight of the trailer and whatever you are carrying on the trailer.  All other trailers use either a leaf spring suspension or a rubber torsion bar suspension that is usually rated much higher than needed to carry whatever you will be carrying and is a fixed rate suspension usually set at either a 3,000 # or 5,000 # spring rate.

This result in a trailer that is over sprung and goes bounding down the road behind your tow vehicle.  I have many customers tell me that their other trailers got more air than pavement behind their tow vehicle.  If you have pulled other trailers you know what I am talking about.  What this does is place a jogging load on your tow vehicle, which is not good on your tow vehicle, especially if it has an automatic transmission.  When you read through the attached testimonials from our customers you will see they have to say about this.


Today’s Powersports toys are not inexpensive and most have beautiful paint jobs and a lot of chrome.  Pulling them on a trailer that has not really taken protection into consideration can cause thousand of dollars of damage to the paint or chrome.  If you have ever priced out a new paint job or chrome plating you know what I am talking about.

Our Open Hauling Trailers: Lets remember that your trailer is right behind your tow vehicle throwing up sand, gravel and other road debris onto whatever you are hauling on your trailer.  For this reason we have went to extremes not taken by other trailer designs where the decks or our trailers are full steel decks, not just skinny rails, we have designed a front Aero Rock Shield that deflects everything coming from the rear of your car up and over your Powersports toy.

Ease of Pulling:

There are two design factors that we have we have taken into the design of all of our trailers that provide unheard of ease of pulling.  These are not inexpensive designs, however I think you will see the importance of them in saving you money every mile down the road.

Chassis Design:  Again not being like any other trailer design on the market our focus has been on designing a chassis that is super strong yet super light weight.  Our open trailers weigh from only 500 lbs. to 900 lbs.  Some of our competitor’s trailers can weigh up to 2,500 lbs.

Aero Dynamic Body Design:  All of our trailers utilize fiberglass body panels which are designed to be very aerodynamic, resulting in very little aerodynamic drag placed on your tow vehicle, they are designed to flow smoothly in the slip stream of your tow vehicle.  

Most other trailers do not take these two important design factors into their design consideration resulting in trailers that are very heavy and shaped like a large brick, placing a large aerodynamic load on your tow vehicle.  The result of this is that many of them require a large pickup truck to pull them.  If you notice when reading our customer testimonials that many of our customers are pulling our trailers with small tow vehicles.  Plus that they are getting very good fuel mileage pulling our trailers. 

This didn’t happen by chance but by design.  Most of today smaller vehicles which get super fuel mileage have a maximum tongue weigh rating of 250 # and 2,000 lbs. to 2,500 lbs. of pulling capacity.  It wasn’t by chance that our open hauling trailers have about 200 lbs. of tongue weight and with most Powersports toys on board weigh less than this 2000 lbs. to 2,500 lbs. of pulling capacity. 

You may ask, why this is important?  
Most pickup trucks get about 16 mpg empty and the fuel mileage drops to about half of this when pulling a heavy trailer.  With today’s riding fuel costs $4.00 per gallon in pretty normal.  If you are getting 8 mpg pulling your trailer with a pickup and travel to just two rallies per year of say 1000 miles away, that’s $2,000 in fuel costs alone per year.  
If you are pulling one of our trailers with a small car getting 35 mpg, we see about a 2 mpg drop in mpg pulling one of our light weight and aerodynamic trailers.  So if we look at the same scenario as above, your fuel costs will be under $500 per year.  That is a savings of over $1,500 per year or $6,000 over a five year period.  So if you think our trailers are more expensive than others on the market you aren’t taking the total cost of ownership into consideration.

Economical Shipping:

Again our philosophy is to take every last little detail into our design consideration.  We have designed our trailers to be shipped upright on their tail to minimize their shipping costs, nobody wants to spend any extra on shipping costs as this is like money down the drain. We can ship a trailer anywhere in the United States. We can also ship to Canada but it will require a unique shipping quote based on location.

Easy Storage:

We have also taken the storage of our trailer into consideration.  During the riding season you can pull your trailer into a stall of your garage, tongues first and lower it to the ground.  You can then store your Powersports toys on board the trailer riding them on an off for you daily trips taking up little more space than they would take up on the floor of your garage.  During the non-riding season you can fold your trailer up, using the shipping stands that we shipped your trailer with and store it along the wall of your garage taking up only three feet from the wall, or even order our caster kit and roll it into another storage room.

Advanced Tie Down Systems:

We feel that you haven’t done our complete job unless we have taken into consideration the best ways to position and tie down your various Powersports toys. We offer a wide range of complete tie down packages designed for different types of Powersports toys and many other things you may haul on our trailer, like your golf cart or riding lawn mower, etc.


We feel that purchasing a trailer to haul your Powersports toys is a major decision and many things need to be taken into consideration when making such a purchase. Again if you read some of our customer testimonials you will see what they think of the decision they made in ordering one of our trailers.  We have a good number of repeat customers as most of them wouldn’t even think about purchasing another brand of trailer once they have owned one of our trailers.
Maybe you can see why we named our products “The Ultimate Trailers”.